"Celebrate Thames' marvellous museums on International Museum Day"

International Museum Day is 18 May, and we’re celebrating by taking a look at some of the wonderful things that can be explored in Thames museums.

We’ve got everything from Gold Rush artefacts to military history, all housed in close reach to explore.

In this list we’ve picked just a few things to take a look at, so make sure you check out everything Thames museums have to offer by browsing this comprehensive list.

Our History Is Gold: Thames Museum

We couldn't mention museums without mentioning one of our favourites. Thames Museum. Sitting at the north end of town in the Grahamstown area, this little gem has a little of everything for everyone. The collection features articles from early Thames including a unique display of handcrafted Kauri models of heritage buildings and the interior of a merchant's house. Displays include examples of heavy industry associated with gold mining, the local fishing industry and souvenir china. Read More.

Thames School of Mines & Mineralogical Museum

Fascinating Māori, industrial, education and geological history converge at one of New Zealand’s largest and best-preserved mining schools in the heart of the Hauraki goldfields. Read More.

Goldmine Experience

A guided tour takes you through an operational,19th century Stamper Battery & into one of the richest gold mines of the time. A self-guided tour allows you to explore the photographic museum, view a video presentation, discover mining relics, see steam-powered machines, & become acquainted with our Cave Weta colony. Try your luck at gold panning! Read More.

The Treasury

The Treasury, Thames, an archive and family history research centre for the Hauraki region, is housed in the historic Carnegie building. The Coromandel Heritage Trust administers the building and the collection it houses. One of the Trust's aims is to collect and preserve the records of the Hauraki region. Read More.

If you haven't been to our local museums lately, use today's celebration to as an excuse to remind yourselves to visit some of our local histories soon!