We are casting 6 x teenagers as lead characters in a documentary TV series about students in their final year of high school.

Participants must be enrolled in Year 13 for 2018, live in wider Thames area and be age 16 or over.

We are looking for a wide-range of personalities.
All submissions are welcome.

Filming will begin in January 2018 and occur periodically until November 2018. Involvement is voluntary.

To audition, please submit a recent photo and contact details to:
Amber Easby - Series Producer
Auditions will be held at Thames Youth Centre on Tuesday 5th December. Individual times to be confirmed once submission to audition is received.

Participants must provide written permission from parent/caregiver to attend the audition and participate in series if cast.

During auditions, participants will be interviewed briefly on-camera and provided with further information about the project. The interview recording will not be used in any manner other than for the private viewing of the producer/director and broadcaster.

For further information about the project, please contact ambereasby@gmail.com